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One HOUR Consulting With Your First Order 

Podcasting is an effective medium for communication, entertainment and education. However, how you present your audio will impact the success of your podcast greatly. Producing a high-quality podcast requires more than having good content. It also depends on how well it’s produced and edited to ensure that people get quality information every time they listen to it. If you are thinking about starting a business as an entrepreneur or want to start recording podcasts professionally, then hiring professional audio editing services is essential for the overall quality of your show. 

The following is a list of common features we offer:


 Audio Editing

Assemble and Export

Volume Leveling

Sound smooth and professoinal

Noise Reduction

Removal of hiss


Promotional Tools

Comprehensive Edits

Um, Ah, Ya Know


Quote Cards

Eye Catching

Video Editing &


Basic Show Notes

How it works?

You Record Your Podcast

You can record your voice in a free software like audacity. 

Upload Your Files

Uploading your files is like attching a document to an email. 

The Perfect File Returned

A Ready to Publish File (and more*) is returned

Need More Flexiblity?

Full Show Notes & Time Stamps

A detail accounting of your show with time stamps indicating different segment or questions.

Blog Header Imaget

Need a Graphic for your post? We can do that? . 

Monthly 30 Minute Coaching Call

Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey all have coaches to help them see what they can't.

Episode Uploaded to Media Host

If all you want to do it talk and we do everything else, we can do that.


Contact Us and let us know what you need and we will come back with a price.

Stay In Your Lane!

"Wow this takes a lot more time than I thought." Is a phrase I've heard clients say over and over. They have the passion, the message, but they are getting burned out trying to do it all.

How much is your time worth?

Now multiply it by the six hours it just took you to make your first episode.  I bet you'll find that what I'm charging is much less than the price of your sanity, your family, and health.

I found a team that can affordably edit your audio and make you sound great. When you get a cavity in your tooth, you don't start reading books and watching YouTube videos on how to fix it. You call in someone qaulified to do it right the first time.

-Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting



For those that need a little touch up


FOur episodes - Up to 60 minutes Each


All basic features and:


FOur episodes - Up to 60 minutes Each


All of plus features and


FOur episodes - Up to 60 minutes Each

Frequently Asked Question

Not sure if this is a good fit? Here are some common questions and answers

Do I Have to Sign a Long Contract?

No. Can Unsubscribe any time you want? 

Do You Offer Podcast Launch Services?

Yes, we have a mentoring program that includes three hours of consulting towalk you through planning, and launching your podcast. 

Can You Review My Podcast?

Yes, we offer a "first impression" audit, and a full audit which listen where we identify your goals, and listen to your episode, and go though your website to make sure everything is aligned with your goals, and to help you get maximum exposure.


If you have any questions, let's set up a free strategy call.

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